Kinase inhibitor platform

BCI Pharma sets up a unique proprietary platform to identify Novel, Potent and Selective Kinase Inhibitors

The BCI’ disruptive Technology combines 2 pillars of discovery (biology and chemical library).

We bring innovation at two levels. Indeed, our kinase platform is based on:
new chemotypes with excellent phys-chem properties delivering drugs for treating chronic pain (neuropathic pain), CNS, inflammation, cancer and metabolic diseases
innovative cell-based assays screening technology

BCI Pharma files patents on most advanced research projects and broad claims

European patent application n° EP15801122.1, filed on October 2015; TITEL: « Nucleoside kinase inhibitors»
International patent application n° WO2017191297A1, filed May 2017; TITEL: « Adenine derivatives as protein kinase inhibitors»
European patent application n° EP19190898.7, filed on August 2019; TITEL: «Protein kinase inhibitors»