Partnering & Investors

BCI PHARMA is looking to out-license

A Peripheral Neuropathic Pain and Psoriasis preclinical candidate

BCI PHARMA is in search of partners

To Create value for our innovative kinase Platform
To collaborate on your Kinase research projects and combine our particular expertise
We want to put in place a win-win partnership and evaluate our class of kinase inhibitors in many therapeutic area
You will have access to a completely new intellectual property space

Actual Partners & Support

Mithra Women’s Health
Ulg (Liège) – Pharmaceutical Technology (B. Evrard)
Ulg (Liège) – Medicinal Chemistry (B. Pirotte)
Financial support – DG06 (Belgium)
Financial support – Région Occitanie (France)


Deliver new cures

Invest in high value projects

Offer a cure for unmet medical diseases

Get a huge return on your investment