BCI Pharma, in collaboration with Mithra Women’s Health, has demonstrated the anti-tumor activity of its CSF1R inhibitors in several cancer models. Significant tumor regression was observed either alone or in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor leading to a complete sustained tumor regression in 50% of the animals in a triple negative breast cancer model, a very aggressive form of breast cancer. These compelling results demonstrate the huge potential of BCI CSF1R inhibitors in cancer and reinforce the partnership between the two companies.

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Mithra Women’s Health, a BCI Pharma’s research partner, recognizes the high value of the partnership and considers as a top priority.

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BCI Pharma is delighted to announce preclinical studies confirmed the broad therapeutic potential of its CSF1R inhibitors. These meaningful and compelling preclinical data come from a fruitful partnership with Mithra Women’s Health and cover medical areas for which unsatisfied therapeutic needs persist including cancer, endometriosis and inflammatory disorders.

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