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BCI Pharma and Mithra will start a collaboration to deliver new therapy for women! Mithra acquires the rights relating to BCI development program on innovative inhibitors of CSF1R kinase indicated for the treatment of female cancers and endometriosis. Press release

BCI Pharma is delighted to communicate that the company has received a grant from the DG06 (Belgium) to financially support its second research programm.

BCI Pharma is proud to announce that Didier Malherbe accepted his nomination as board chairman. Didier will reinforce BCI structure, participate in BCI development phase and connect to more pharma experts.

BCI Pharma is proud to announce that the company set up a scientific advisor board with experts in neuropathic pain (G. Skouteris and F. Bernhard) and translational function (M. Martiens – Toxicology, G. Mueller – Kinase research).